Make the Information Accessible to the Entire Business

With YaPlm web solution YapApp, it is possible to access information, items, documents and files from YaPlm via a web interface.

Works on web, smartphone and touchpad

Possibility to control which objects are to be displayed

Possibility to control user rights

Customizable search criteria

Support for approving workflows

More PLM solutions in YaPlm

With YaPlm as a PLM system, you get access to several functions and solutions that helps you streamline your processes

Version Control
of all Files

Version management of all documents, items and files.

and Approval

Workflow for items and documents

Document Management
and Traceability

Secure storage and traceability of business documents

Web Interface

Accessibility of items, documents and files via web interface

and Item Structures

Create and manage items and their structures in YaPlm

for CAD, Office and ERP

Streamline the flow of information between the PLM system and other systems