Our Implementation Process

Our implementation process of YaPlm is based on the agile methodology. We believe that the introduction of a PLM system not should be seen as an IT project but as a natural part of business development

The purpose of the first phase of our implementation process, which in most cases is a joint workshop on site at the customer’s, is to build a common understanding of the system’s areas of use. For us, it is about understanding the customer’s most important goals and needs for a PLM system. For the customer, it’s about getting to know YaPlm and seeing how the system can help their processes get more efficient.

The next two steps in the process are ‘Planning’ and ‘Development’. The first step is to make a quick pilot containing the basic functionallity and processes in the system. In our experience, we recommend that the functionality of the first pilot be limited to some core processes within the company. When the pilot is ready, it is installed at the customer and users can now see how the system works in their own business. This makes it easier for the customer to come up with concrete improvement proposals. Based on the response, we then fine-tune the system together with the customer so that the PLM system supports the customer’s processes. Depending on the complexity of the system, several pilots may be needed before the system is ready for commissioning.

In the last step, which we call ‘Commissioning’, it is time to launch the PLM system. In this step, all end users are trained and the system is then put into operation.

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