Integrate YaPlm with Other Systems

With our effective integrations with other systems, you can automate the flow of information between the various systems in your business. All information from the time the first idea is born until your product is delivered, sold and consumed, efficiently can flow between YaPlm and your other systems.

CAD Integrations in YaPlm

With YaPlm CAD integrations, you can directly access all YaPlm functionality in your CAD system. You can easily get an overview of your CAD structure and your 3D models, drawings and files.

The CAD integrations in YaPlm have a number of functions that makes the designer’s daily work with his CAD system easier. For example, there are functions for saving, opening and replacing models and structures. In addition, all integrations in YaPlm are version-independent, which means you do not need to upgrade your PLM system just because you upgrade your CAD system. Today, YaPlm has integration with SpaceClaim, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge and AutoCAD.

With our CAD integrations, you can, among other things, get access to the following PLM functionality:

YaPlm has integration with the following CAD systems

Manage your Office files in YaPlm

With YaPlm integration to office, you get access to PLM functionality directly in your office system. Today there is integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. With YaPlm office integration, you can, among other things, get access to the following PLM functionality:

YaPlm today has integration with the following Microsoft Office programs:

Integrate YaPlm with your business system

By integrating YaPlm with the business system, item data can be synchronized between the business system and the PLM system. YaPlm ERP integration ensures that only approved products, items, documents and data are made accessible in your business system. Our integration is general and works with most business systems on the market.