Control the Business Processes

With the workflows in YaPlm, you can run the approval process of, for example, items, projects and documents, to ensure that only approved items and documents are published

Sign your approved items and documents with approval data

Publish your approved items and documents to YapApp

Export data, items and structures to PIM, ERP etc.

Stamp your approved .pdf files with approval data

Send email with information from the workflow

Create reports on approved items

Control the status of your projects with workflows

Workflows in YaPlm

With the workflows in YaPlm, you can run the business’s processes. The workflows in YaPlm are fully configurable and can be used to control the approval process of documents and items, but also to control projects and project status. The most common workflows are:

The workflow module in YaPlm is fully configurable and it is possible to create your own workflow to run the approval process of, for example, items, projects and documents. A process is defined by a number of nodes, for each node in the flow it is then possible to control what should happen to incoming objects when they are in the node and what should happen when the node is approved for the next step in the flow. Examples of actions can be:

To provide full traceability and to ensure that the right document is used for the right thing and that no one accidentally uses the wrong edition of a document, we recommend that all documents that are leaving the design department must be approved for a specific purpose

More PLM solutions in YaPlm

With YaPlm as a PLM system, you get access to several functions and solutions that helps you streamline your processes

Version Control
of all Files

Version management of all documents, items and files.

and Approval

Workflow for items and documents

Document Management
and Traceability

Secure storage and traceability of business documents

Web Interface

Accessibility of items, documents and files via web interface

and Item Structures

Create and manage items and their structures in YaPlm

for CAD, Office and ERP

Streamline the flow of information between the PLM system and other systems