The Most Important Thing for us is our Customers

All our customers are different and have different needs, ranging from small customers with individual users to large customers whose PLM system is used by hundreds of users in different sites around the world. Our customers are today primarily manufacturing companies, subcontractors, consulting firms, but also in the construction and medical technology industry.

Our customers are today found in both small and slightly larger companies

The Voice of the Customers

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We chose YaPlm because the system gives us great flexibility when we work with so many different customers.

The best thing about YaPlm is that we are not limited to any specific CAD version, nor are we limited to any specific CAD system. And this gives us great flexibility.

Joakim van der Schaaf

Advisor / Cad manager, KNIGHTEC

The best thing about YaPlm is that it is flexible and very easy to change and to adapt.

YaPlm increased the efficiency by 20-30% mainly because we do not have to check if it is the latest version of the file. We can find documents very fast since all documentation is stored in one place.

Marcel Hogervorst

IT manager, Stokvis Group

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The best thing about YaPlm is that it is user friendly. It is easy to get all types of files. It is easy for all users to get the right data.

What has made BTG more efficient with YaPlm is that we easily get all the data, the right data with the right revisions and keep track of what we send out to our suppliers.

Jonas Andersson

Mechanical Engineer, BTG Group