Our PLM History

In the mid-1990s, the 3D CAD systems were widely implemented. In connection with this, the need to have system support increased in order to be able to handle 3D CAD files and their relationships to each other. It was in this time that we started the company, more precisely in 1997. At that time, we were resellers of the PLM system SmarTeam.

The years went by and we grew with both the number of customers and PLM competence. The PLM market matured and both we and our customers felt it was time to innovate. We then began to look around for alternative PLM systems on the market, but felt that none of them met our requirements for how a modern PLM system should work. With this, we decided in 2007 to develop our own PLM system. That’s how YaPdm was born.

Next year, we were busy developing YaPdm and at the same time offering our existing customers consultation in SmarTeam. YaPdm matured as a product and is today a perfect PLM system.

In 2019, we decided to only invest in YaPdm. As a step in this, we moved to more appropriate premises in Gothenburg’s inner city and at the same time we changed the name of both the product and the company to YaPlm.

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