From Idea to Finished Product

Our vision is to be your PLM partner and help companies become more profitable by streamlining the entire development process from idea to finished product


Your business is as unique as your demands, but large systems seldom have this in mind. We tailor your PLM system to work in all the company's stages and processes, regardless of size.


The simplicity is partly due to the fact that YaPdm is built on a completely new technology with a user-friendly user interface and that all extra functions in YaPlm are built as small toolboxes that can be easily turned on.


Changing a component in your product environment should not mean lost labor and income. YaPlm is completely independent of the existing software environment, for a simple and seamless work process.

PLM Solutions

With YaPlm as a PLM system, you get access to several functions and solutions that helps you streamline your processes

The PLM system for all needs

Our PLM solutions are aimed at anyone who needs to keep their information in order, such as documents, projects, items, drawings and processes. With YaPlm you get a PLM system that is adapted to your business. 

How to Implement a PLM System?

Our implementation process of YaPlm is based on the agile methodology. We believe that the introduction of a PLM system should not be seen as an IT project but as business development. We know from experience that the introduction of a PLM system is a complex project. It’s not just about the PLM functions in the system or about IT but also a lot about the human factors. The goal is to optimize the business processes and then fit them into YaPlm – not the other way around.

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From Overview to Detail

It does not matter if it is a document with a workflow for a short process, CAD drawings for a new product with thousands of iterations or long and heavily regulated lab reports. In order for the business to flow and free the company to grow, an easy-to-navigate environment is needed for both overview and detailed control. If you are the one who takes care of it, you need complete control, and if someone else takes care of it for you, you need a complete overview and good reporting.

YaPlm is developed in Sweden and makes version control, allocation of rights, file organization and several other initiatives something for everyone – whether you need an overview or a sense of detail. A system that works with your existing environment, scales up in step with your company and is adjusted for you.

Do you want to take your business to the next level

We help you all the way, from decisions to implementation of the system and training of staff.

The most important thing for us is our customers!

Our customers are today found mainly in the manufacturing industry and in the construction industry. All our customers are different and have different needs, ranging from small customers with individual users to large customers whose PLM system is used by hundreds of users in different sites around the world. It is therefore a matter of course for us that we always start from the customer’s unique needs and wishes and adapt YaPlm to suit the customer’s needs.